The Greeneville Antique Appraisal show has been rescheduled due to the unusual winter weather Northeast Tennessee has been experiencing. This year’s show will mark the 10th anniversary of the antique show that works much like the hit series Antique Roadshow. Just like on the show, there have been a few items in the past ten… Read more »

In the late 1700s a man by the name of John Austine McKinney came to America from Coleraine, Ireland after graduating from the University of Edinburgh. With a Bible and a copy of Horace in his pocket, he stepped aboard a ship in sight of a better life. When he reached the New England shore,… Read more »

Most families do not take vacations in the early year. With the cold of winter and the dead, barren land outside, this time of year doesn’t exactly scream warm, sun-kissed family fun. Getting out of town in the beginning of the year may not be such a bad idea though. In Northeast Tennessee most places… Read more »

In the 1920s, the hills of Northeast Tennessee were alive with the sound of country music. And when Ralph Peer headed to Bristol in 1927 to record authentic “hillbilly” artists, the future of this genre was changed for good.   Of course, country music had been recorded commercially for years, but the best artists in… Read more »